Diamond Chapter

November Meeting

The Diamond Chapter November meeting will be Nov. 27, at 1:00 at the Hot Springs Convention Center in conjunction with The ABATE 14 Toy Drive. Ride will leave at 2:00 pm to the VFW. Please bring a toy or donate money for the needy kids. See Flier for more details.


Diamond Chapter Christmas Party

Diamond Chapter Christmas Party will be December 10 at Jose's Grill & Cantina 5361 Central Ave. In the Red Banquet Room. Be there by 6:00 pm. Saturday. We will be doing Dirty Santa so bring a wrapped Gift, motorcycle related, 10-15 Dollars if you want to play. Dirty Santa is played by putting all gifts together, Numbers are drawn by each player. #1 may pick any gift. #2 may take that gift or pick one. If you take a gift from a player that player may chose any gift or take one from another player and so on until all numbers are drawn. Each gift may only be taken three times. This is a lot of fun so bring a gift and enjoy! We will also be giving door prizes. The Club will pay for all meals if you have paid your club dues. If you have not paid your dues and would like to attend the party you can pay $15.00 at the party. Please pay for your Adult Beverages. We had a great time last year and we will have a great time this year so See you at the Diamond Chapter 2016 Christmas Party!!!!

Veterans Rally at Rodney's Cycle House

This was their first Veterans Rally and it went well. The Diamond Chapter displayed
27 vintage Motorcycles.  Great turnout!  Members present were Butch & Pat Jones, Lanny Plumber, Jed Simpson, James Sandage, Greg Bright, Dyrek Burns, Mike Thomson, and more.

The Weather was excellent but the public turnout was small.
They had a modern bike show, Beer Garden, Good Bar B Q, and more.
The bands that played were great and fun to listen to. They did some great
old songs. All the proceeds went to help Veterans and the club was glad to help.
Rodney wants to do this event next year and we will support it.

All in all everyone had a great day at the Rally. 

Thanks to all who brought bikes and helped.

SEE pictures below


Bike of the Month

1978 Suzuki GS750

Dyrek Burns new ride


Web Sites of Interest

Carson Classic Motors: carsonclassicmotors.com Info on the Carson Cannonball team and info on Buck and the youth program.

Cherokee Chapter: cherokeeamca.org Great reading and info on the Pate Swap Meet.

What's in the Barn: velocity.com/tv-shows/whats-in-the-barn Great Show.

Antique Motorcycle Club of America: antiquemotorcycle.org Lots of info. Great info on facebook.

North Texas Norton Owners Association: NTNOA.org

Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Association: ozarkvma.com.


Closing Comments

Winter has arrived and it is getting colder each day but it has been great weather
so far, still riding in November. Get it in while you can.

See you on Sunday for the toy run.

Remember December 10 is the Club Christmas Party.

Ride em, don't hide em,
Michael Thomson
Diamond Chapter of Arkansas
Antique Motorcycle Club Of America